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Welcome to Community Intervention Memphis

At Community Intervention Memphis we provide innovative resources, support services, education, and community intervention programs to better assist in the positive conversion of adults and youth in the community, thus eliminating barriers through community partnerships and establishing clear pathways to economic self-sufficiency.

Community Intervention Memphis is a leader in community intervention and an unbiased partner in the implementation of strategies to achieve community and organizational goals.

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Online Services

* Anger Management Course
* Family Violence Intervention Course
* Alcohol & Drug Prevention Course
* Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Course
* Human Capital Development Course
* Positive Parenting Course
* Family Mediation
* Charm School Mentoring Program

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Court Approved Courses and Programs

Receive a Certificate of Completion for Court

Community Intervention Memphis is a court- approved course and program provider. We offer court mandated trainings and programs, resource linkage, and other community resources.

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